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You may be eligible for free computer training. The Career Place offers 3 levels of computer training to help your job search:

  1. Microsoft Office Specialist WorkSmart Program: 4-weeks long, 5 hrs/day, 3 days/week; covers MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Outlook and MS Access
  2. WorkSmart Modules: (per module) 1 week long, 5 hrs/day, 3-days/week; MS Word, MS PowerPoint and/or MS Excel
  3. Individual one-day classes (1-4 hrs/day depending on the class; Basic Computer Skills (I & II), MS Word (I &II), MS PowerPoint (I & II), MS Excel (I, II, III), and we also offer Quickbooks Premier
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Thursday, August 4
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"THANKS! I got this job as a direct result of the job fair [hosted by The Career Place] as well as the preparation provided (resume critique and "How to Work a Job Fair" workshop). Helping people get back to work is probably the single most effective way to help families' well-being. The job I found seems attractive and meaningful. Thanks again!!! THE CAREER PLACE ROCKS!"